Tropifit Parrot 1kg

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PARROT is a rich food based on selected natural ingredients, intended for large parrots. Among other ingredients, it contains white and striped sunflower, safflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, peas, mungo beans and dried fruit (apple, pineapple, banana and dates) and vegetables (carrots, beet, Jerusalem artichoke). It is also supplemented with granules made of wheat with the addition of apples and groundnuts. Thanks to the extrusion they are all easily assimilable by the birds. Green, black and white pepper, chili pepper, rose hip, groundnuts, walnuts and a variety of other flavours encourage birds to eat, and a great number of nutrients ensure their excellent condition and plumage.
FEEDING: ensure access to food and water at all times. Change food and water every day.
Ingredients: seeds (including sunflower 24%, safflower seeds 10%, pumpkin seeds 4%, peas 3%, mungo bean 2%, pepper 0.5%), fruit (dried apple contained in the granules 2%, dried apple 2%, dried pineapple 1%, dried banana 1%, dried dates 1%, dried rose hips 0.5%), vegetables (dried carrot 2%, dried beet 2%, dried Jerusalem artichoke 1%, chili pepper 1%), nuts (groundnuts 3%, walnuts 1%), cereals.
Analytical constituents: crude protein 12.0%, crude oils and fats 15.3%, crude fibres 12.5%, moisture 8.5%.

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