Temizmama Silica Cat Litter 3.8L

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Temizmama Silica Gel Cat Litter Scented 3.8L

Strong absorbent, antibacterial, non-toxic, clean, economical and practical. Large particles, no dust, strong odor and excellent quality.

5x super absorbent ability of an ordinary cat litter, can absorb moisture in seconds, ready to keep dry at all times, prevent bacterial growth.

Light weight, easy to carry lighter than regular litter, easy to clean and replace, replace only once a month for a single cat use.

Without leaving any paw prints, will not stain on the floor and sofa.

Instructions: Please pour whole bag into the cat litter tray until it is 3-5 cm high. Strong absorption capabilities so completely absorbs urine and stool becomes odorless solid; just gently with a shovel pick up the solid stool and discard it. Once in a month whole cat litter must be renewed.

Please keep Temizmama Silica Gel Cat Litter in a cool & dry place away from moisture with it’s original packing sealed.

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