VanCat Cat Litter Fresh 5kg

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VanCat Cat Litter Fresh Scent 5kg

Litter absorbs bad smells by sucking liquid quickly with its superior agglomeration feature and creates comfortable living space.

  • 100% Natural White Bentonite
  • 99.5% Dust Free
  • inhibits bacterial growth
  • extra strong clumping
  • does not leave spots
  • maximum odor elimination

Instructions: Fill the VanCat Bentonite Cat litter into completely dry cat litter box until it will form 8-10 cm layer and spread it over the entire surface. Agglomerations and feces on cat litter must be taken by appropriate shovel. Diminished cat litter must be refilled. Also once in a month whole cat litter must be renewed.

Please keep VanCat Bentonite Cat Litter in a dry place with it’s original packing.