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Grain Free

The domestication of our cat and dog friends goes back thousands of years. Although there is a change in their digestive systems during such a long period, their diets are still meat-based because of their anatomies. It is therefore that our dear friends prefer a meat-based nutrition.

In the light of this information, various scientific studies have been made with international universities, and specially formulated Klicker brand has been created for our friends to live long and healthy.

While there is no grain in any Klicker pet food, 80-90% of the protein content of the product consists of animal protein, and 10-20% of protein from fruits and vegetables. The brand also does not contain vegetable protein sources such as soy. The high amount and quality of animal protein helps to facilitate the digestion of our pet friends. Since the product does not contain cereals with a high glycemic index, their digestive systems work healthier. It does not contain cereals, and thus carbohydrates loaded with grain are not loaded and weight gain and the problems it creates are prevented. Cereals are also known to cause allergic reactions. Since the product does not contain cereals with allergenic effects, the risk of an allergic reaction is also minimized.

Animal proteins are available in the product in three forms: dried, hydrolyzed, and fresh meat. Fresh meat is added by the FMIS (Fresh Meat Injection System) to our products. With this technology, the digestibility of fresh meat goes up to 99%. In this way, digestibility, which is the efficiency criterion in the nutrition of our domestic friends, reaches the highest levels.

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