Klicker Grain Free Puppy Lamb 12kg

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Klicker with Lamb for Puppies supports the development of your Puppy for up to 12 month and will be eaten very fondly. By using Liquefied Fresh Meat Injection System without any use of grains it is produced. An excellent dry food prepared with the highest quality fresh lamb meat, dried lamb meat, dried vegetables and fruits as well as rich in supporting products.

COMPOSITION: Fresh and dried lamb (50% dried meat, 15% fresh meat and 5% hydrolysed meat), potatoes, peas, dried anchovies, chicken fat, fish oil, nupro, Brewer's yeast, hydrolysed liver, dried pumpkin, dried carrots, dried apples, dried dried blueberry powder basil, rosemary, antioxidants, harnup powder, grape seed powder, turmeric root powder, yucca, seaweed, glucosamine, chondroitin, extra virgin olive oil.

COMPONENTS: Protein: 36%, Fat: 20%, Ash: 8.5%, Cellulose: 3%, Calcium: 1.5%, Phosphorus: 1%, Omega 3: 0.9%, Omega 6: 2.5%, EPA: 0.25%, DHA: 0.30%