Bio GeranioMint 100ml

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Skin and Coat Care Spray for Cats & Dogs

Provides a healthy and shiny skin and fur in cats and dogs and used to help remove skin irritations caused by fleas, ticks and lice.

Geraniol is an important monoterpenoid and an alcohol found in the essential oils of various aromatic plants such as rose oil, citronella oil and palmarosa oil. Geraniol exhibits various biochemical and pharmacological properties. Studies have shown geraniol to be an effective plant-based insect repellent and its potential as an antimicrobial agent has been emphasized in several studies.

Peppermint oil and clove oil have fragrant and moisturizing properties.

Dosage and Administration: Ruffle the coat of cats and dogs, so that the product penetrates down to the skin. Begin spraying from the tail at a distance of 15 cm. Apply spray to the animal’s back, sides, abdomen, legs, shoulders, and neck, carefully avoiding eyes, nose, mouth and genitals. Apply spray until animal’s coat is damp to thoroughly wet. Brush the fur towards the end. Repeat after 15 days if necessary.


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