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Cleapet Nano Silver Teeth Cleaning Ball S

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Cleapet Antibacterial Dental Health Balls

The main reason of bad breath in dogs is the accumulation of bacteria as dental plaques; food residues also play a negative role in the accumulation of bad odor and eventually to an unhealthy mouth. Left untreated, those bacterias and residues can cause bleeding and inflammation in the teeth and gums along with cavities and inevitably loss of teeth

What Cleapet Antibacterial Dental Balls can do to help?

  • Reduces bad breath
  • Improves dental & gum health
  • Reduces yellow areas on the teeth
  • Reduces dental tartars
  • Reduces gingivitis

Includes 1 piece of Organic Cotton made Cleaning Ball and a Nano Silver Spray for anti-bacterial activation.

The main active ingredient of Cleapet products is Colloidal Nano Silver Ions.

Bacterias are the main sources of problems such as dental problems. Active Nano Silver Ions, the active ingredient, affect the DNA of harmful microorganisms and quickly eliminate them.

Eliminates bad oral odor and improves overall dental health effortlessly.

Free from harmful chemicals, alcohol, perfume, paraben, SLS, iodine cortisone and antibiotics.

Ingredients: H202 <1%, Nano Silver 1%, Zeolite <1%, Ionized Aqua.