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Frontline Tri-Act is the antiparasitic for dogs of latest generation of Merial, a global leader in animal health laboratories. Highly innovative product, provides a new total of broad-spectrum protection against external parasites (fleas, ticks and insects) with its reinforced repellent formula front sand flies and mosquitoes. In the form of easy to use pipettes, Frontline Tri-Act is an effective product for the global fight of the ectoparasites on the dog. A single monthly application is effective to eliminate and prevent external parasites in your dog and the possible reinfection.

These pipettes antiparasitic for dogs not only kills and repels pests, they also have a feeding effect, avoiding numerous disturbances in our pets, such as itching, irritation, loss of blood, as well as the possible transmission of certain diseases in the dog.

This version of pipettes Frontline is designed for dogs with weight between 2 and 5 kg, and offers a maximum potency formula that combines fipronil and permethrin to cope with five large groups of external parasites in dogs. The result is a product of maximum effectiveness against fleas, ticks, flies from the stables, mosquitoes and sandflies.

Frontline tri-Act is effective for the treatment and prevention of infestations by fleas or ticks as well as providing a repellent effect against flying insects (mosquitoes, biting flies and sandfly). Triple protective action is characterized by its repellent activity, removal and protection against external parasites. Thus, aside from avoiding the direct discomfort of external parasites, prevents possible reactions of hypersensitivity and reduces the chance of disease transmission.

Its repellent effect will protect your dog against sandflies and mosquitoes and stable flies. In addition to avoiding these flying insects away, prevents that they feed the dog, reducing the risk of transmission of diseases. Guarantee a 90% repellency to sandflies (Phlebotomus perniciosus) during the first three weeks and 80% for at least 4 weeks. In addition it has insecticidal activity of 3 weeks against the mosquito of canine leishmaniasis. The dog is protected in at least one 90.4% compared to mosquitoes (Culex pipiens) for a month. To complete the effect of protection, Frontline tri-Act repels and kills the stable fly (Stomoxys calcitrans) for 5 weeks.

This repellent efficacy, adds an insecticidal effect of three weeks for the fletobomos and five for the stable flies. With these percentages of effectiveness, deworming pipettes Frontline Tri-Act protect front disease leishmaniasis, heartworm, after just one hour of applicationand transmission of these two flying insects.

Efficacy of insecticide against fleas type, these pipettes for dogs face the two principal species causing of infestation, the Ctenocephalides felis and the Ctenocephalides canis. Fleas die within the first 24 hours after application (* according to studies with more than 95% effective in the first 60 minutes and 99% efficiency in 6 hours). This product can be used as part of the treatment strategy for allergic dermatitis to the bite of a flea (DAPP), always under the supervision of the veterinarian.

Tri-Act antiparasitic total protection offers acaricide action 4 weeks against the three most common species of ticks attacking dogs in Georgia, including the Dermacentor reticulatus, cause of canine babesiosis. It also has a repellent effect against ticks 3 weeks lasting 7 days.

Deworming pipettes Frontline Tri-Act offers also a complete peace of mind for use with clinically-proven security. Its reliability has been demonstrated through 4 laboratory studies, in addition to the observation in clinical trials based on 123 dogs treated in field conditions when the recommended clinical dose has been used. Frontline Tri-Act offers a good tolerance to exposures that multiplied 5 times the maximum recommended dose, since only showed mild symptoms that remitted in 1-2 days.

Suitable for puppies from 8 weeks and from the 2 kg in weight. In case of pregnancy or breastfeeding, should assess the appropriateness of its use by a veterinarian who assess the possible risks for females.

This product is suitable for very small, from 2 to 5 kg dogs. Other presentations are also available to adapt to the size of all dogs. Select the option appropriate depending on the weight of your dog: for small dogs (from 5 to 10 kg), medium-sized dogs (from 10 to 20 kg), large (20-40 kg) dog and very large dogs (40 to 60 kg).


  • It offers total protection against five groups of external parasites.
  • Repellent action against sandflies and mosquitoes.
  • In the form of easy to usepipettes.
  • Highly safe for the animal.
  • Monthly application.

Use and specifications:

  • Pipettes, antiparasitic for dogs between 2 and 5 kg of weight and over 2 months of life, offering total protection of broad spectrum.
  • Not apply to cats (highly toxic product) or rabbits.

Precautions for use:

  • It is a unique product for dogs. Its application in other pets, such as cats and rabbits, could lead to serious side effects, even with the result of death. It can cause seizures fatal in cats, as the animals unable to metabolize certain compounds, such as permethrin.
  • In the absence of specific studies, it is not recommended the use of this product in dogs weighing less than 2 kg or less than 8 weeks of age.
  • To prevent exposure in cats, it is recommended to isolate the animal until the product is dry. In case of accidental skin exposure, wash the cat with SOAP and water.
  • It is important to watch that cat not lama area of a treated dog. If this occurs, you are looking for immediate veterinary advice.
  • On very rare occasions adverse skin reactions have been reported storms in the area of application, such as redness, itching or hair loss. In the case of licked by the dog, may appear emesis, as well as transient hypersalivation, reversible nervous signs and vomiting.

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