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Lysine Tablets for Cats

Lysine tablets are made specifically for cats to improve their immune system

Bio Felilysine is specially formulated to support the immune system of the cats.

It is a feed premix in tablet form containing L-Lysine.

Studies have shown that herpes virus caused the upper respiratory tract disease called feline rhinitis; Its main task is to increase protein synthesis and

uptake of lysine in the body. The herpes virus shows more serious clinical symptoms, especially in the eyes. Lysine is added to reduce the severity and

duration of infection in animals.

Supports the immune system.

Supports eye health.

Usage: To Provide necessary of Lysine:

• Adult cats (over 6 months) -4-8 tablets daily

• Kitten (under 6 months) -4 tablets daily can be given directly or mashed in the food (1 tablet =0,5 gr)

(4 tablets ……contains 250mg Lysine)

(8 tablets ……contains 500mg Lysine)

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