CatiMalt Hairball Remedy For Cats [CLONE]

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CatiMalt Paste Pat 100ml

Hairball Prevention For Cats

Specially formulated malt paste to prevent and eliminate hairballs in cats.

Cats swallow some hairs while licking their bodies with the purpose of cleansing and these hairs eventually become hairball in their stomach or intestines causing blockage in the gastrointestinal tract. If the hairball moves past the stomach and goes to intestines, it could calcify and block the bowels. Long-haired cats do face this problem a lot. The wad in the stomach that can’t be retched is a common problem among short-haired cats that groom a lot.

The best way to protect is to use Cati Malt Paste, both for the prevention of constipation and for the gentle movement of fur balls that have not yet been into the stomach and intestines.

MOS (Mannan Oliga Sakkarit), with the prebiotic effect, increases the beneficial bacteria in the bowel; causing harmful bacteria to diminish, helping our friend to benefit from the maximum amount of food he has eaten, and playing a role in strengthening immunity.

Usage: Apply to the paws of the cats, 2-3 cm in size, for the cat to lick it while cleansing. Can be used 2-3 days per week to prevent hairball. Recommended for daily use to eliminate hairball.

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