Bioderm Dog 75 Tablets of Biotin and Zinc [CLONE]

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Biotin and Zinc Tablet For Dogs 37.5gr

Biotin and Zinc Tablet to support shiny coat and healthy skin development of dogs

BIODERM DOG, is a nutritional supplement for dogs, enriched with Biotin and Zinc, which promotes the formation of bright feather and healthy skin.

  • Specially formulated to meet biotin and zinc requirements.
  • Biotin and Zinc in BIODERM DOG strengthens the skin and feather health of your dog and reduces fur loss.
  • Increases the durability of the nails.
  • Strengthens the immune system of your dog and makes it more resistant to diseases.
  • Content; Zinc is vital for collagen and keratin synthesis. So, it has healing properties and helps the fur of the animals to be more beautiful.

Usage: For biotin and zinc requirement of dog’s per 5 kg, 0.5 gr (1 tablet) to be calculated and added in dog food or can be used directly.

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