Dried Cow Ears [CLONE]

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Dried Cow Ears 3pcs

All Natural Chewing Treats For Dogs

100% Natural Single Ingredient

Cow ears are great for medium to giant breed dogs. They are a great option for dogs to chew on and as a healthy treat for all breed of dogs. Supports proper dental care.

  • No flavors, preservatives or additives.
  • Air dried and roasted in fan ovens.
  • Highly palatable and fully digestible.
  • A good source of protein and fat. They are also rich in amino acids&minerals which supports muscles, joints, skin and coat.

A great chew option - These chewing treats are all natural teeth cleaners. They will keep your dog occupied far longer than most treats. They can be used in cases of separation anxiety issues, and teething.

All-natural dog treat sourced from regularly inspected and approved facilities. Doesn’t contain preservatives or any other additives. Dehyrdrated and packed according to the regulations of the EU.

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